Mouse Extermination

Mouse are rodents that has been invading humans since all these while, these critters requires little food or no water to survive in modern buildings, under the floors ad behind the walls. Although they cute and squeaky animals in the wild.

Mice are dangerous and annoying animals in the home. They have been responsible for the spread of various diseases to people and pets for years, they carry fleas and diseases and can contaminate foods with their feces, this is because of their habits of traveling in sewage, garbage, etc. They can also cause fire hazards in the home by chewing up insulation and gnawing their teeth through electrical wiring.

In view of the spread of diseases by mice and the cause of safety hazards in the home, below re the lethal and humane methods to exterminate mice from the home or garden:


Glue board is a cheap and effective method to exterminate mice without much difficulty; this can be used indoor to catch mice. The glue board is a plastic pan of glue of bout inches thick, it works in a way that when the rodent steps onto the glue trap, it becomes trapped in the glue base and will be unable to get away. With each trapped mouse/mice, you may need to replace it with a new one for effectiveness, also care should be taken to remove trapped mouse/mice that may be still be alive on the glue board.


Using a snap trap is a more humane and faster method of exterminating mice rather than the use of live trapping. It is essential to get a well-designed snap trap, though they come in various sizes that can be used for either mice or rats. Bait the trap with peanut butter and place it around the area where mice tends to be active, so when the weight of the mice presses against the trp, a wire springs down and kills it instantly. It is also recommended to use only a reliable and well-designed trap that ensures the animal head is fully inside the trap area when the trap is triggered, and can consistently set and reset. The use of a good snap trap ensures a quick death to mouse or rats, and they can be reused once it is cleaned.


Cats are natural predators of mice, therefore having a cat around you is one of the effective ways to get rid of mouse and keep the rodent population down. So, get a cat, and if you dont have one, you can see if a friend or neighbor wouldnt mind having you had the cat to stay with you for some days. When you have the cat around you, you will definitely notice the disappearance of mice from your home.


This is also another way to exterminate mice; this is done by getting poisonous baits in pellet form or putty formulations.  Rodenticides come in different varieties, but the most common one is anticoagulant. These compounds cause the mice an internal hemorrhaging and can end the mice life in few days. However, you need to have supplies of Vitamin K1 round, this if your pets mistakenly eat the poisonous bait, you can easily give it to your cats or dogs as an antidote to the anticoagulants.

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