Keeping Birds Away From Your House

People who have fruit trees or garden they will be aware of birds issues. People who are searching for a method to keep them away from their home read the following details. We will let you know what the things that attract them are and how to repel them.

What attracts birds? 

If you want to keep the birds away, then it is important to know what attracts them. After knowing, you can remove those things that will help you to keep them away. You can also use bird detergent to repel them from your home, especially from the garden. 

Pest birds

Most of the birds that you may see in your home are sparrow, crow, robins, etc. the attractants can be fruits, seed, corn, and earthworms. 

People who have pets and feed them food this food can be attractive lunch for the birds. If your home has a pool or water place that can be another source of attractants for the birds. This will attract both small and big birds. 

How to keep birds away?

Follow the given ideas to keep them away from your home. 

Habitat modification

Birds choose to live only there where they can find their basic needs like food, water, and secure shelter. If they do not find these things, they will decide to move to another place; otherwise, they are going to die. 

If you want to get rid of them, then remove this requirement or make limited access to them. After feeding your pets, remove the food, or keep them in closed containers. In this case, they will have no choice, and they will move away to another place. 

Use of deterrents

By using deterrents, you can discourage, inhibit, and prevent the birds from getting into your home. 

Use of shiny object 

Shiny objects like CDs, aluminum cans, or small mirrors can be used as deterrents to repel birds. The reflection of these objects helps to scare the birds and discourage them from returning to your home. Hang them near the area in which you want to keep safe from birds. 


There are many natural predators that like to prey on birds like owl, cat, and dogs. You can use the article objects of these predators and place them near to the place where you do not want to see the birds. These objects will discourage the birds as they are enough to scare them. 

Use of net 

You can cover your garden area or any place that is attractive to the birds and then use netting around the area. This net will prevent them from getting into your garden or home. 

Use of repellent spray 

There are many repellent sprays that you can purchase, or you can even make it in the home. One of the best repellents is chili, black pepper, water, and vinegar sprays. Add this solution in the spray bottle and spray it on the plants and the affected area. The smell of this liquid is enough to repel the birds. Use this spray until you did not get rid of birds. 

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